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Reverd free phone call blocker


The App you need to stop unwanted calls efficiently and effortlessly with minimal user input. Eliminate spam, disturbances, annoyance, irritation and anger. It reduces stress. Frequent updates with new harassing phone numbers from the community supported blacklist are provided for better protection. The Reverd app does not need access to your contacts or to track your location. It uses persistent identifiers (random string) that do not correlate personal data.
You asked for it. We delivered.
Reverd App:- Ad-free- Efficient- User friendly- Multilingual- Lightweight application- Easy on resources and battery- Easy setup with minimal user input- Working seamlessly in the background
Easy to use:- No activation needed- No location needed- No root access needed- No permissions required- Does not compromise privacy- Does not mess with your contacts
Features include:- Automatically discard calls with no Caller ID- Automatically check incoming calls against your blacklist- Automatically block unwanted incoming calls- Automatically block calls from an area code or a whole country- Automatic updates of community blacklisted phone numbers (by subscription)- Manually add a phone number to your own blacklist- Report phone numbers to the community blacklist to protect other members- Move phone numbers between your lists at your discretion
Get in control of your Android phone and your phone bill. Stop unwanted calls.Visit the Reverd App help page: Reverd App help for iPhone:
Upon installation you will receive a complementary community blacklist database containing thousands of blacklisted numbers which may take a few moments to download.
Although our free application is fully functional we recommend that you subscribe to our regular updates of the community blacklist. Our updates contain the latest reported harassing phone numbers providing you with better protection against the newest spam.
Reverd app is different in a better way:Unlike Call Blocker X, the Reverd app does not need to know your location.Unlike aFirewall call and SMS blocker the Reverd app does not require permissions. Unlike Call Guard we provide a community supported blacklist with regular updates.
We want to hear from you.If you have an idea for improvement please let us know. Negative reviews do not help. Instead drop us a line. Send us feedback. We will listen to you.